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Dedcation To Helping Families In Need

Welcome to Solutions Law Firm!

Solutions was built on and recognizes that it is hard on a family when it is facing legal problems. I built this firm specifically to attack the injustices that are faced by families in the legal system who often do not have the means to fight back themselves or afford an attorney to fight for them.

Solutions Law Firm is a low overhead, high quality law firm designed to help its clients at the lowest possible price. In fact, the firm does not charge a fee for some of its services. My name is Robert Maxwell and I am the litigator at Solutions. Give me a call or send me an email, because all of the initial consultations are free. I look forward to helping you out, so give me a call and let us work your problems out together.

In Whose Best Interest?


... the best interests of the child. While this phrase has a complicated and often deceptive meaning, put simply it is where the child will best thrive and grow up to be a productive member of society. This phrase will bring about discussions and often verbal fights, about which parent the child has the best relationship with, who has spent the most time with the child, what situation is the child used to, and who has not hurt the child.Read More

Whose Child Is She?


At this point either the biological parents consent to the adoption or they refuse to give consent. If they consent they will permanently lose the right to care for and have control and custody of their child. If they refuse they go to trial. At this trial the court determines whether the biological parents will keep their rights to their child or the foster parents will be granted the adoption.Read More

The Battle Or The War: Just Because You Can Win Should You

...before taking on any battle one should take the time to recognize what they really want out of it, because winning is never a goal, but a means to an end. What is your end? Let's say you are a public interest lawyer and you want to remove the miscarriage of justice from the system. Is the wiser course to remove a judge or group of judges who allow the miscarriage (the battle) only to eventually have those judges back (another battle), or to remove the gaps in the system that allows judges to facilitate the miscarriage (the war)? Read More

Child Support 101: How To Change Your Child Support Payments


Let's take a change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent as an example. Let's also assume that each parent makes roughly the same amount of money and the parent paying child support only spends weekends with his/her child. In this situation, even if the parent spent every weekend with his/her child that would only add up to 104 days. If you can add 73 days, getting that number up to 183 days (50% of the year), then your child support obligations should be reduced to $0. Read More

Domestic Violence And The Civil Protection Order: A Scalpel not a Sword

The Civil Protection Order in the District of Columbia is a stay away order with some extra bells and whistles. While the stay away part is its most popular tool, it includes extra remedies that maybe helpful like (1) counseling, medical, or psychiatric treatment, (2) removal of an individual from a residence they jointly own, (3) relinquishment of personal property, (4) custody/ visitation, and (5) any other relief necessary to protect the individual. Read More

Special Education: The Stigma Verses The Reality


When children are involved or witness traumatic events, the effect on them are often unnoticed and it is their education that suffers. If your child is not doing well in school and has been exposed to Domestic Violence or is involved in a Child Abuse & Neglect proceeding see if you can get them qualified for special education because they can get tutoring, counseling and a variety of other helpful services FREE of charge. Read More

Enough Is Enough: When Does Disciplining Ones Child Become Abuse


So when does discipline become abuse? You have abused your child if (1) unreasonable force is used; (2) you cause pain or marks that endure; (3) you cause marks that are not minor or (4) your discipline causes depression or suicidal thoughts in your child. Read More

One Contract Too Many: The District Cancels Suspect Contracts That Benefited Youth


Youth who are not being trained, who do not have a high school degree and do not have a job are very likely to become a burden on our societiesí resources until they become sustainable or even worse they might become criminal. These programs while focused on helping youth become healthy and productive contributors to our society also have the added effect of removing burdens on our society to include criminality. Read More

The Most Important 72 Hours of Your Life


You are told there will be a hearing within 72 hours to determine your childís placement and that there will be a family team meeting in 24 hours to make a plan for the safety of your child. Quite often these 72 hours are wasted because there is no to do list of what you need to get done to help you get your child back and why should you know. Read More

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